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Dan Hughes
August 27, 2019
all the things


Welcome to our articles area. Here we share anything and everything - from lessons learned in the field to tradecraft honed in the office to a silly stories here and there and in between, to help pass the time.

Hopefully you will find some things here useful for you. We do a lot of consulting, training, and mentoring and plan to publish knowledge here as a way to optimize the learning process for our clients, prospects, colleagues, friends, and followers.

This will be a "landing" article of sorts with some getting started links as we add content.

We also take requests! If you want to learn more, follow our content, or have follow up questions on any of the information, feel free to engage with us at any of our channels below (also always available in the icon strip above or below each article).

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We will be doing our best to present the most professionally here!
Little nuggets of knowledge, both ours and other internet content we find pertinent and useful, like our series on risk.
"The softer side of Wittij." General interest articles, like some slogan bloopers and how we came up with the Wittij Consulting name. Plus random photos of employees and events. And probably some cats.
Mostly cat photos. Isn't that what it's for?

Also always feel free to drop us a line at [email protected], call (401) 340-1400, or click the “contact us” button below to see if we can help. Like the tagline says, our reputation is our success. If we can do great things for you, we will. If we can’t, we’ll say so.

Dan is the founder of Wittij Consulting. Prior to founding Wittij, he spent a decade in software development before moving into IT architecture, where he created an Open Group recognized architecture method and led delivery of all services for a company specializing in enterprise and solution architecture for 15 years. He is an energetic, thoughtful leader with an ability to engage and motivate people, and has been called a “force multiplier” for his ability to not only deliver great value, but also increase the value and capability of the people around him. Dan is a strong facilitator, able to understand and resolve complex disagreements with diplomacy. He comprehends and communicates clearly both at the detail level and the boardroom summary level to both business and technical audiences. His knowledge of enterprise techniques and technologies is broad and deep, and includes industry expertise in manufacturing, financial services, banking, health care, insurance, regulatory compliance, and NGOs.
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