Wittij Consulting Slogan Bloopers

Dan Hughes
January 20, 2020

After the Wittij Consulting name was established, it was time for a slogan.  After coming up dry using internal capabilities, I decided to outsource and run a slogan contest on a crowd-sourcing site to come up with a tag line for our web presence. There may have been a few, er,  slogan bloopers.

The Winning Slogan!

Before we get to those, let me share this: I do not regret the approach and am very happy with the end result.

Wittij Consulting. Your vision. Our expertise.

I like that it recognizes the vision of our clients and the fact that we are experts, but I also like that together they represent our core value proposition - that our clients utilize our expertise to realize their visions.

The Slogan Journey

The approach was not without its challenges. I received 280 entries for the contest, none of which was actually "Your vision. Our expertise." However, few were of a similar vein and provided the right inspiration.

Anyway, without further ado, here are some of my “favorites” that did not win. I left out the countless entries that substituted “I.T.” for “it” in a play on words, like "Making IT work." 


For optimal aural enjoyment, you really need to say the company name before each, so I added it in for you.1Always be branding! 

  1. Wittij Consulting. HiLo. Hi Performance. Lo Cost. 4 You (That vaguely rings a bell. Here’s a link to my high school yearbook if you want to check.)
  2. Wittij Consulting. Makes you trusty.
  3. Wittij Consulting. Performance, Progress, Potence.
  4. Wittij Consulting. Do IT with us.2Okay.Maybe I didn't leave them all out. 
  5. Wittij Consulting. Here There Technology is Everywhere. (Suessville?)
  6. Wittij Consulting. Do the needful!
  7. Wittij Consulting. Deliver empowers technology consultant and nothing is more important that serving our customers.
  8. Wittij Consulting. People make future of memory.
  9. Wittij Consulting. We want your advice.
  10. Wittij Consulting. We are here for your help.
  11. Wittij Consulting. Innovative. Inconsiderable. Irreparable.
  12. Wittij Consulting. The technical technology speed your future connoisseurs.
  13. Wittij Consulting. Specialists in technical technology king of career…
  14. Wittij Consulting. Advice here, then go for software.
  15. Wittij Consulting. Have you need technology! We have idea.
  16. Wittij Consulting. Get the succor, explore your IT potentials
  17. Wittij Consulting. Technology meets wit.
  18. Wittij Consulting. Stratergies and solutions that delight!

Honorable Mention

My hands down favorite, which would actually be gold for the right company in the right industry, was "Step in a pile of should."

Maybe I'll try that out as my standard article sign-off:

Wittij Consulting. Step in a pile of should.


Circling back to our slogan winner,

Your vision. Our expertise.

If you love how it rolls off the tongue, or even if you don't, drop us a line at [email protected], call (401) 340-1400, or click the “contact us” button below to see if we can help! We'd love to make your vision a reality.

Like the tagline says: Our reputation is our success. If we can do great things for you, we will. If we can’t, we’ll say so.

Dan is the founder of Wittij Consulting. Prior to founding Wittij, he spent a decade in software development before moving into IT architecture, where he created an Open Group recognized architecture method and led delivery of all services for a company specializing in enterprise and solution architecture for 15 years. He is an energetic, thoughtful leader with an ability to engage and motivate people, and has been called a “force multiplier” for his ability to not only deliver great value, but also increase the value and capability of the people around him. Dan is a strong facilitator, able to understand and resolve complex disagreements with diplomacy. He comprehends and communicates clearly both at the detail level and the boardroom summary level to both business and technical audiences. His knowledge of enterprise techniques and technologies is broad and deep, and includes industry expertise in manufacturing, financial services, banking, health care, insurance, regulatory compliance, and NGOs.
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