The Open Group Approves Wittij People-Centric Architecture Method

October 20, 2022

This adds Wittij People-Centric Architecture Method to a short list of globally recognized architecture methods approved by The Open Group.

Dan Hughes, Founder of Wittij Consulting
Dan Hughes, Founder of Wittij Consulting

PROVIDENCE, RHODE ISLAND, UNITED STATES, October 20, 2022 / -- Wittij Consulting announced today that its solution architecture process, Wittij People-Centric Architecture Method, has been approved by The Open Group Open Professions Certification Authority, a prestigious honor for the company and its founder, IT strategist Dan Hughes.

This adds Wittij People-Centric Architecture Method to a short list of globally recognized methods recognized by The Open Group’s “ Open CA ” Program. Open CA (“Certified Architect”) is an independent global certification for qualifying the skills, knowledge, and experience of solution, business, enterprise, and digital architects. The program requires applicants to demonstrate skills and experience against a set of conformance requirements through written applications and peer interviews.

“This is a credit to the company and the team, who have worked tirelessly to perfect the Wittij solution architecture process and bring value to our clients,” said Hughes. “The Open Group is an objective resource for architectural standards for tens of thousands of companies all over the world, making this recognition for Wittij Consulting all the more compelling.”

"This is a credit to the company and the team, who have worked tirelessly to perfect the Wittij solution architecture process and bring value to our clients."

IT Strategist Dan Hughes

To be recognized, “methods must enable or support ‘architecting’ in its very essence and therefore distinguish themselves in their activities from engineering practices,” according to the Open Group. Furthermore, “to meet the recognition requirements the description of the method must demonstrate how interaction with the stakeholders is established while framing or delineating the problem space and making fundamental choices that impact the solution characteristics and/or its implementation.”

To achieve recognition, the Wittij architecture process had to “cover the four key areas that are essential to an architecture method:

  • Lifecycle – What is the formal lifecycle in which architecture is applied and delivered?
  • Method Artifacts – What are the specific architecturally relevant artifacts that are required during the lifecycle of the project?
  • Process – What is the overarching process that is undertaken to conduct the development of the architecture?
  • Practices – What are the architectural practices or techniques required to ensure the success of the architecture as it relates to the method?”

Wittij People-Centric Architecture Method focuses on people as the most important element of any solution architecture. This results in solutions that are not only technically sound, but also maximize the business value to people and organizations.

Hughes noted that the recognition is important not just for his company, but also customers, clients, and partners.

“The great news is that any individual who takes our training and any organization that hires us to implement our process for them is utilizing an industry recognized solution architecture process. In both cases, the solution architects following our process can use that experience to get certified,” said Hughes. “This is beneficial for our existing customers, as well as our future customers.”

This is not the first architecture method created by Hughes, who led development of a prior method that was recognized by The Open Group almost a decade ago. He added that he was “very proud” of his team and the people-centric method they have refined across many clients and engagements. Most of the other recognized methods have been put forth by “massive, global companies,” he said, “many Fortune 500s with billions in revenue.”

About Wittij Consulting


Wittij Consulting’s mission is to deliver world class advisory services that enable organizations to gain maximum value from technology investments. Wittij provides best practice enterprise and solution architecture services to help clients make better technology decisions.

Its approach is as follows:

  • Focus on work where we have the capability to deliver extreme value
  • Hire the best people and maximize their value with optimal processes
  • Integrate mentoring and process improvement as core aspects of any work we do
  • Form lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients

Wittij Consulting’s Core Values are:


We are honest and ethical in our actions with our colleagues, clients, and the wider world around us. We comply with both the letter and the spirit of laws, regulations, and company and client policies. We honor our commitments. We are accountable for our actions, both successes and failures.


We have a commitment to setting the standard for quality. We establish and communicate clear expectations, then seek to exceed them. We strive to be “force multipliers,” bringing such a high level of value to the activities we perform that we raise the level of those working alongside us. We work to innovate and continuously improve our internal practices and the practices of our clients.


We respect each other’s value, differences, and contributions. We are aware of and honor others’ rights and feelings. We listen to what others have to say and consider their perspectives.


We believe that transparency is the foundation of integrity. We will always be forthright and truthful with clients and with one another, even when the message is a an unpleasant one. It is only through open feedback, collaboration, and partnership that we can successfully create value and establish long lasting relationships.

[Press Release by Holt Hackney, Hackney Publications]

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