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non-functional requirements

Non-functional requirements are requirements that describe how a solution needs to be built, installed, or operated to work optimally in an organization's environment. Where functional requirements define the "what," non-functional requirements address the "how." They relate to system quality, including topics such as reliability, scalability, and supportability.

If you are new to non-functional requirements, we recommend starting with our "101" on the topic: Non-Functional Requirements: What, Why, and How.

April 30, 2021
Non-Functional Requirement Examples

Here are some examples of non-functional requirements to help you on your journey to more successful technology projects.

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March 31, 2021
Writing Non-Functional Requirements: A How-To

Writing non-functional requirements can be a breeze if you know the tricks. Here are best practices for authoring and launching them.

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March 19, 2021
Non-Functional Requirements: What, Why, and How

Understanding non-functional requirements starts with understanding what they are, why they help, and how to apply them. This a 101 article on just that!

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