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Jeff Huber
Jeff is a dynamic and flexible IT professional with two decades of hands on, practical experience designing and deploying established and emerging industry technologies and business processes. After 7 years in infrastructure focused IT services, Jeff joined an architecture consulting firm where he spent the next 6 years supporting assorted technology projects for the United Nations Development Programme in a multidisciplinary role spanning business analysis, architecture, and agile project leadership. In the years since, he has mastered industry recognized architecture processes, facilitation techniques, and continued to support clients in both enterprise and solution architecture, as well as technical leadership roles. Jeff has supported multiple efforts to migrate from traditional hosting to “the cloud” as well as integrate between on premise and SaaS solutions and is experienced in both infrastructure and enterprise applications. Jeff has worked in a wide range of industries, including government, NGO, health care, insurance, and banking.
March 12, 2020
Wittij Works from Home

Are you new to the work from home adventure? Looking for a "How To?" This isn't one, but enjoy these lighthearted ramblings ("lessons") from a seasoned pro instead!

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